I’ve previously stated my dislike for North America’s ugliest, ungainliest, and generally unappealing big-game animal. But after seeing this picture and the accompanying story perhaps I’m underestimating their qualities.


From the story:

This photo provided by the New York Racing Association shows a wandering moose at the Saratoga Race Course in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., Monday, June 15, 2009. The moose wandered onto the grounds of the historic upstate New York racetrack after police reported it walking through the city’s downtown business district early Monday morning.

A leisurely morning spent window shopping followed by an afternoon at the track. Who knew that North America’s largest, most dangerous and foulest-tempered deer secretly wanted to live the life of a rich, bored housewife with a gambling problem? I know if I had a choice between spending my days wading swamps and stomping joggers into ooze or knocking back gin-and-tonics at the track bar while putting my bull’s money down on a 50-1 long shot in the fourth, I’d take the latter every time.

But maybe you’ve got a better caption idea for this photograph. Go on, take your best shot. The best entry will receive my condolences for winning a contest and receiving nothing in return (Hey, I’m broke and under-equipped, too. If you want cool prizes go talk to the FlyTalk guys). Or maybe the editors can give you something. I hear they have a giant room at their NYC offices so stuffed with free gear they burn it to keep warm in the winter.