Children-Only Hunt Proposed in CA

From the _Auburn Journal:

_Loomis [Calif.] resident Georgia Kern encountered Placer County’s surging deer population head on — with the front of her Subaru.

“The deer just shot out from the right-hand side of road,” Kern recalled of the night a couple of months ago, when she was driving past Sierra College in Rocklin. “If it was a full-grown buck I could have been seriously injured or it could have gone through the windshield.”_
Placer County’s Fish and Game Commission will decide whether to recommend to supervisors a special doe hunt in an effort to thin the herd in Loomis and Granite Bay. One proposal is to open the hunt only to children ages 12-17.

But that’s raised the hackles of some animal-rights activists, who say an organized hunt is an unnecessary and inhumane response that potentially jeopardizes residents’ safety.

“It’s a residential area,” said Victoria Connolly of Auburn. “When people move to a rural area they should be aware that there’s deer around.”