Hunting Dogs photo

There’s dog news out of Europe this week that might even get David E. Petzal and the Gun Nut crew excited. According to various news reports, a woman walking her dog off a leash in Erkrath, Germany, was shocked to see the pooch come trotting back to her with a rusty hand grenade in its mouth. She immediately ordered the dog to drop it. (Talk about an explosive situation.) The dog followed orders, and the woman notified authorities. The grenade, identified as an American ordinance from World War II, was still live but was later defused by bomb experts.

All of which makes for this week’s Hump Day Discussion: What’s the strangest thing your dog has ever dragged home or dropped at your feet?

Just yesterday while working Pritch in a grass lot she passed up her dummy in favor of a sparerib bone that she took great joy in bringing back to me. Who can blame her? And last week, while she was nosing around the back yard she managed to uncover a large rusty nail that looked to be about 100 years old. Thankfully, we pulled the nail from her before she decided to sample it. And in my youth, I remember my yellow lab, Salty, bringing back a fish I had “released” in the surf.

No grenades for my dogs, but I’m sure you all have some good stories about what your pooches have brought home. Let’s hear them.