From the Kansas City infoZine:

_Deer hunters do it. So do turkey hunters. Even trout anglers spend time scouting the locations of their quarry. So why not frog hunters?

Missouri’s frogging season opens at sunset June 30. The limit is eight bullfrogs or green frogs in the aggregate daily and 16 in possession._
Frogs are intimately familiar with the approaches and escape routes to their favorite perches. Smart froggers level the playing field by checking the lay of the land- or swamp – beforehand.

The Wildlife Code of Missouri permits taking frogs on either a hunting or a fishing permit. With a hunting permit, you can take frogs with a pellet gun, longbow, crossbow, hand net or with bare hands. With a fishing permit, froggers may use hands or a hand net, a gig, a longbow or hook and line. Frog hunting is legal – and most effective – at night with an artificial light._

Have ever gone on a late night frog hunt?