Chad Love: PayPal Hates Guns?

Several months ago when I professed my unrequited love for fine English shotguns, longtime author, falconer and double gun aficionado Steve Bodio suggested I check out the website of British shooting journalist and shotgun broker Diggory Hadoke.

It’s a good resource for keeping up with the current state of the British shotgun market, and despite the fact I can’t afford a British shooting jacket, much less a shotgun, I try to peruse the site on a semi-regular basis just for the escapism factor. Some guys have porn, others have gambling or drugs. I have unattainable shotguns.

But as I was on the site a few days ago, this bit of news caught my eye.

Paypal – Not only do they not want our business but they have banned us from using Paypal in any capacity ever again. Why? – because they found out we sell guns and gun accessories! What they thought a company called Vintage Guns sold when they accepted us in the first place I can only guess! The inconvenience has been considerable but I’m pleased to announce that we will be introducing WorldPay, the RBS system which is less arbitrary in its decrees over what is a ‘nice’ business and what is not. This system will once again allow clients to buy goods and services on-line through the website in a fast and secure manner.”

I don’t use Paypal because I believe the words “pay” and “pal” to be mutually exclusive, so I know nothing of their policies regarding gun and shooting-related businesses. But virtually everyone else in the free world does. Is this true? Does Paypal really discriminate against completely legal and legitimate businesses and individuals simply because said businesses and individuals are involved in the shooting sports? If it is true then maybe “Paypal” should change its name to “Payprick.” At least it’d be more honest…