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Man’s Best Friend is kicking off the weekend by giving away a six-pack of Cabela’s training dummies for the best dog name.

Here’s how our contest will work: Tell us your pooch’s name and the story behind why you chose it. You have until 3 p.m. on Thursday, July 16, to enter a response in the comments section below. A team from F&S will sort through the responses and pick the winner. I’ll announce the victor in Friday’s post. Allow me to kick things off.

Pritchard was named after an undeveloped barrier island (Pritchard’s Island) off the coast of South Carolina. I’ve trudged through the waters there since I was a kid, catching fish, exploring the marshes, and simply getting lost. If it were possible, I’d have my ashes scattered over that beach, but there’s too much to do before then to think about those morbid details.

So I named my pooch after the place. That and I think it’s a very cool sounding name, which shortens nicely to Pritch. So fire away…funny, emotional, serious, light hearted, whatever. Tell us your dog’s name and the reason behind it. You (and your dog) just may be the winner. Good luck.