A guest post, from F&S intern Lance Madden

Fantasy sports are all the rage. With baseball, basketball, and football being the most popular fantasy sports in America, you can draft and manage players, hope your point total rises, and become the winner of your league.

As fantasy sports gains popularity, creators of leagues become more imaginative. A few years back, for example, hosted a fallacy baseball league: The worse the players on your roster did in real life, the more points you earned. Cycling, golf, tennis, and even the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) have seen fantasy leagues catered to them.

And the trend has now spilled into the outdoor sports, including hunting leagues and fishing leagues. The concept is the same as it is with traditional fantasy sports leagues: When one of your hunters takes a deer or an angler on your “team” hooks a fish, you score points.

You can also make some serious cash. A 37-year-old Atlanta man, who is the owner of a concrete construction company, just scored $100,000 from an online fantasy fishing tournament.

On Aug. 1, will announce it’s 2009 overall winner, who will receive $1 million.

Did you even know these leagues existed? Are you tempted to get in on the action?