A New Jersey man pleaded guilty to stealing nearly eight dozen lobster tails from a kitchen in an Atlantic City hotel. Anthony Jones, 38, was caught after he crammed 91 tails in his jacket and backpack. He was sentenced to four years in prison.

From the New York Daily News:

_A security guard noticed something wasn’t kosher and stopped Jones. The guard testified that Jones’ clothing “was very bulky and he appeared to be concealing items.”

The crustacean burglar was arrested and “he and the lobsters were escorted to the security holding facility to await the arrival of the police,” the police report says.
Jones pleaded guilty to lifting $1,275 worth of seafood.

“The lobster was destroyed,” Bally’s spokeswoman Alyce Parker told the Press of Atlantic City, adding that the casino did not seek restitution for the food.

Bally’s Atlantic City runs an all-you-can-eat promotion called “Seafood Saturdays,” where diners can “enjoy all your favorite seafood dishes in one place, for one low price” of $25.99 a person.