I recently started Pritch on place board training. (I know. I should have begun this earlier. But remember, I’m a newbie and I promised to share the good and bad of my journey down the gun dog road. Thankfully, I have a damn fine dog who just might rescue me from my own ineptitude.)

Pritchard Stay

For those who don’t know, a place board is usually a wooden platform raised a few inches off the ground (see the photo to the left). The idea is simple: Teach the dog to sit on the place board when you command “Place.” (I’m doing this with Pritch on a short lead combined with the use of treats, but there are a number of other methods.) Once the dog has learned the command, it’s time to work her on different styles of place boards, like say a carpet square. Eventually, you can use the “Place” command to have your dog sit on a flat boat seat or outside of a duck blind.

Once Pritch has mastered “Place,” I’ll use the place board during our retrieving sessions. As she approaches me with the bumper I’ll begin to command “Place.” And she will (hopefully) assume her position on the board. It should help with the blow by problems not to mention start us on the road to “Steady.”

We’ll keep you posted. If you’ve had some success (or not) with the place board let’s hear about it.