One of gun nuts’ favorite targets, New York senator Chuck Schumer, appeared on “Meet the Press” yesterday. The hot topic of the hour was Sarah Palin’s sudden resignation as governor of Alaska. When host David Gregory asked Schumer if he thought Palin was still the “future of the Republican Party,” Schumer of course dodged the question–albeit after he finished laughing.

That’s when Gregory had a bit of fun with Schumer: “You’re hedging your bets,” Gregory said, “but you’re not holding out on the fact that you [and Palin] are very closely aligned. And here it is, from Field & Stream last year, the political odd couple.”

The camera then cut away from the two talking heads and showed an image of “The 2008 Heroes & Villains Faceoff,” a story from the December 2008-January 2009 issue of F&S that pitted Palin and Schumer against one another on the Heroes half of the bracket.(Click here to see the bracket.) Despite his anti-gun agenda, Schumer was named a Hero because he backed a Farm Bill measure in 2008 to create grants for farmers to open more land to hunters. And Palin made the Hero list because she was the first candidate for executive office in 100 years who actually got hunting and fishing.

“You cannot walk away from how closely tied you two are,” Gregory added.

Schumer simply replied, “God bless America.”

In the December-January issue of F&S later this year, we’ll publish our second annual “Heroes & Villains Faceoff.” Based on what they’ve done so far in 2009, how would you rate Schumer and Palin: Hero or Villain?