In honor of our nation’s freedom on this approaching Independence Day weekend, Man’s Best Friend is going to dig into a little history. (Rest assured, we’re back to hardcore training posts next week. We start place board training tomorrow.) Yes, with the help of a new book, First Dogs: American Presidents and their Best Friends, we’re going to give you a little quiz. Anyone who fails must scoop the poop from the kennels for a week–with a rubber shovel.

1: Which President’s dog would lift his leg and take a whiz on anyone who wasn’t paying him enough attention?

2: Which President found his favorite pooch while on a bear hunt in the Grand Canyon:

3: Which President’s hunting dog once nabbed a Virginia ham from the dinner table and ran directly to its kennel with the prize locked in its jaws?

4: Which President would grab his two beagles, named Him and Her, by the ears to make them bark.

5: Which President had a special cabinet chair carved for his Airedale so the dog could attend high-level meetings?

6: Which President trained his dog to “shake” hands with visiting dignitaries and to stand on it hind legs during the Star Spangled Banner?

Click here for the answers. That’s it folks. Have a great holiday. Keep your dogs cool. And tell a soldier thanks.