Hunting Dogs photo

Think your dog is good looking? I sure think mine is. Hell, Pritch can’t walk down the street without someone stopping to “oooh” and “aaah” over her. My wife (who is NOT the woman in the photo below) was so overwhelmed by this response on the street that not long ago she entered Pritch in the puppy division of a local dog show. To be honest, we thought Pritch would walk away with an armload of whatever prizes they give pups in small, local dog shows.


Pritch entered the ring with about 30 other dogs. And then another heat of 30 pups followed. There were to be three cuts to narrow the contestants down to a final group from which the winner would be chosen. To our surprise …

… Pritch got knocked out immediately. (But the highlight came after her exit when a “leash malfunction” allowed Pritch to ruffle the coiffed fur on an adult dog that looked to have spent the morning at the beauty parlor. The owner responded with such a set of gyrations and guttural noises I thought a hornet had flown up her tapered polyester shorts.)

We took our loss in stride. Pritch, after all, is a gun dog–not a beauty queen. Still, I know she’s better looking than the canines that recently competed in the World’s Ugliest Dog Competition hosted by Animal Planet. To see a few photos of these lookers click here.

But I’ll admit, if you’ve never loved a mash-up of a mutt, one that you could hardly tell if it was coming or going, then you’ve never really lived. Or at least not lived with an ugly dog.

Those of you with a soft spot in your hearts for ugly mutts, say “here.”