You Know You’re Training a Gun Dog If…

Pritchard came home just over five months ago and life changed in so many wonderful ways…and in other ways I hardly remembered from my training days many moons ago. Granted, I’m older now but not necessarily wiser, as my pup teaches me something about myself every day. Here’s what I do know.

You know you’re training a gun dog puppy if…

While at a cocktail party you reach in your pocket and find week old bits of Pup-A-Roni.

One of your co-workers does something well at work, you say, “Good boy. That’s a good boy.”

You find yourself at the grocery store with a whistle still hanging around your neck.

You often go looking for a missing flip-flop when you should know exactly where it was carted off to.

You no longer have nightmares about empty bank accounts or sinking boats but rather ones that involve your pooch running away with a dummy, dropping a dummy, running the bank, or refusing to do anything you command.

You and your wife start to call the pup “birth control” as there seems no time or energy left for nookie.

Speaking of your wife, you both now have more words for dog poop than Eskimos have for snow…Soft Serve, Runny, Solid, Pencil, Log, etc.

While driving around town you watch all leashed dogs to see if they heel better than your own pup.

You can’t go for a walk without scoping out places to nab a pigeon.

I’m sure you have a few more to add to the list. Feel free to keep it going below.