I’ve been blogging for Field & Stream for a year now, and to be honest it’s grown a little stale for me. It’s a lot of work to come up with a topic, a news item or a link every day and then figure out some way to make it relevant, thought-provoking or funny for the F&S readership.

You may not think so, but blogs are damn hard things to write and they often fail miserably. Sometimes the only reaction they get from you, the reader, is the sound of your mouse clicking to some other page. Other times you respond only to point out what an idiot you think I am. And you usually manage to misspell idiot in the process. More often than I care to admit I simply can’t think of anything witty and I have to resort to that great suckhole of intelligence, Youtube. And let’s face it, if you’ve seen one Youtube clip of some ignorant jack*ss and you’ve pretty much seen them all.

Quite frankly, I’m tired of thinking, and I want a job that doesn’t require it. And I think I’ve found one

From the want ad on the PETA website:
Position: PETA Blog Writer
Position Objective: To write content for PETA’s blog
The PETA Files_
Term of Employment: Full-time
Primary Responsibilities and Duties: Analyze and interpret public events and provide commentary via PETA’s blog_ The PETA Files Write witty and unique blogs on topics ranging from PETA’s naked demonstrations to regulatory testing on animals, dogfighting, and celebrities who support the cruel fur industry. Brainstorm daily content for PETA’s blog with a small team. Monitor trends in blogs and assist with the implementation of new strategies for PETA’s blog. Create and maintain relationships with other bloggers and pitch relevant content about PETA to them. Perform any other duties assigned by the supervisor

So long, folks. It was fun while it lasted. I’ve always wanted to know what color the sky was in their world, and now I’m finally going to get my chance.