Survival Gear photo

Telegenic, rock-jawed survival studs are all the rage on television. Bear Grylls and Les Stroud are the most prominent. (Of the two it seems most F&S readers prefer Les to Bear citing the fact that Les seems more genuine and doesn’t make the rest of us feel fat and inadequate when he takes off his clothes.)

However, judging by your comments, many of you dislike survival shows altogether. While they can be ridiculous, I think anything that gets kids off their butts and interested in the outdoors can’t be all bad.

But whatever your opinion, I think we can all agree the time is ripe for some witty smarta**s to lampoon the survival show genre. Take, for example, the video below, starring one of the Vice magazine founders, Gavin McInnes. This spoof was shot for Teva.

It’s a damn funny send-up of nature shows, but it gets even funnier, in a life-imitates-art way, when you read this

From the story:

_I have written in the past about the various fake “wild man in the wilderness” shows, from National Geographic’s phony [‘Wolf Man’ stunt](