A video player is the last thing you expect to see when you open up a magazine, but that’s exactly what some readers of Entertainment Weekly will see in an upcoming edition

From the story:

In the latest example of finding media innovation where you’d least expect it, CBS is embedding a video player in a print ad in Entertainment Weekly that will serve up a buffet of its fall TV lineup. The CBS foray into a print-digital alliance plays full-motion video at a crisp resolution. The ad, dubbed by CBS and partner Pepsi Max “the first-ever VIP (video-in-print) promotion,” works like one of those audio greeting cards. Opening the page activates the player, which is a quarter-inch-thick screen seen through a cutaway between two pages concealing the larger circuit board underneath.

I know it’s just a marketing gimmick, but it’s interesting nonetheless, especially in regards to action-oriented publications like hunting and fishing magazines. It’s no secret that as we’ve become a more visual, attention span-challenged culture the traditional primacy of print-based media has suffered. But what if you could open up an issue of Field & Stream, read (an activity some of us still rather enjoy) Bill Heavey’s column or a feature story, turn a page and then watch the latest installment of Joe Cermele’s Hook Shots? And all that in a package you can take with you to the can.

How cool would that be?