Discussion Topic: Bloomberg Vs. Brooklyn Flintlock Owner

From the Daily News:

_[Brooklyn] Revolutionary War buff [Michael Littlejohn] charges the Bloomberg administration with tyranny for trying to seize his handmade flintlock rifle. . . .

“This is the last legal gun that you can have without registration in New York,” Littlejohn said.

_”And yet Mayor Bloomberg is driven crazy by my flintlock gun – the one that won the American Revolution. . . . “

_The social worker is. . . clinging to a little-known exemption in the city’s strict gun laws. . . [that] allows license-free ownership of “antique firearms . . . .”

_A police source says the war could end peacefully if Littlejohn applied for a permit with the NYPD handgun license division.

Littlejohn would rather fight. The Brooklynite says he’s willing to sue for his rifle rights.

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