Even with the Yanks and Sox locked up in a critical four-game set over the weekend, all anyone wants to talk about on sports-talk radio is Michael Vick. Stuck in the car, I had to listen to a parade of analysts applaud Vicks’ new coziness with the country’s leading anti-hunting group–one after another explaining how Vick’s road back to the NFL and its fan’s good graces should include plenty of stops to publicly snuggle up with Humane Society of the United States and score some photo-ops with cuddly animals.

So this morning, to find out how animals feel about Michael Vick, I went to the HSUS website to read a statement by President and CEO Wayne Pacelle, who according to the site’s bio is, like few others, “in a position to speak for animals” (I’m guessing that Dr. Dolittle is one of the few others):

I personally am thrilled whenever a dogfighter turns around, just like I am pleased when a trophy hunter lays down his weapon or a bullfighter puts down his cape to join our side. . . [W]e are simply giving [Vick] a chance to make good on his promise that he is through with dogfighting and now wants to be part of the solution, rather than part of the problem. That’s what we do at The HSUS: we give people an opportunity to turn away from cruelty and toward the light of kindness and compassion.

So now that you know how animals feel, tell us how you feel? Seriously, I’m sure we all agree that what Vick did was despicable. But the question is, do you think the HSUS can successfully turn Vick around from dog-hater to hunter-hater?