Crossbows photo

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Crossbows will be legal during the Keystone State’s fall archery season. The only question is: How much of the archery season? In July, after having voted to allow them for the whole bow season, the state backpedaled and gave preliminary approval to a proposal that would limit their use to just the first two weeks. Now, the [Pennsylvania Board of Game Commissioners](” is planning to hold a special meeting on September 3rd to make a final decision.

What do you think that decision should be? There are lots of archers who want nothing to do with crossbows and plenty who say bring them on. Is the fairest solution to split the bow season between them? Or should PA just go all the way, allow crossbows for all archery seasons, and ask those opposed to face the facts that crossbows encourage additional, much-needed participation, especially from women and youths, and are therefore an inevitable part of bowhunting’s future?