Duck Hunting photo

Here’s the latest on several Canadian poachers who call themselves hunters and were dumb and brazen enough to post their carnage on YouTube, from The Globe And Mail:

_Hunters and outdoor enthusiasts are going frame by frame to dissect a video posted on YouTube, hoping to snare some poachers.

_They are also scouring the Internet and monitoring chat groups to find out who was responsible for a video titled duckhunt. It shows three young men gleefully shooting at ducks in a pond [with rifles] at times firing from a car, and then bragging about their kills.

_”They don’t need Mommy any more,” one man says as the gun is turned on a duck with ducklings . . . .

_Wildlife officials across the Prairies have been fielding tips since news of the video has spread.

“In no way should these guys be considered hunters. They are poachers,” said Darcy Whiteside, a spokesman with Alberta Sustainable Resource Development.

To see the original YouTube video, click here, but be warned that it contains extreme profanity. Viewer discretion is advised. For an edited newscast version, click here.