In the last week I’ve logged over 500 miles in the course of training Pritch. We’ve had our ups and our downs. So I’m taking it easy today and surfing the Web for a bit. I found some pretty whacky dog stuff: A fleece-like vest called Thunderwear that a canine can wear to help assuage its fear of thunder. (Honestly, I’m not making this stuff up.) and a Snuggie for dogs. (You know, the blanket with sleeves–sometimes called a Slanket. Well now Fido can have one, too.) Who buys this stuff?

But my favorite find was a treasure trove of videos of dogs retrieving beers for their masters, like the one in the video above. For the time being, Pritch has way too much on her academic calendar to fool with tricks like this. But I’m curious if any of you have taught your dog any wild stunts like this. (I watched a couple of videos of dogs diving 8 feet to pick up an object off the floor of a pool.)

It’s Friday after all, and we could all probably use a chuckle–and a beer.