The on-again, off-again western wolf hunt is on again with both Montana and Idaho announcing quotas for fall seasons–and potentially off again with groups redoubling their efforts to thwart such plans. Here’s the latest, from The Oregonian:

_As Idaho proceeds with a plan to allow hunting of gray wolves beginning next month, the conservation group Defenders of Wildlife said it will ask for a court injunction to stop the hunt.

Idaho Fish and Game announced that it will allow 220 wolves to be killed during a hunt that begins Sept. 1.

And from The Los Angeles Times:

_Idaho joins Montana as one of the first Lower 48 states to legally participate in gray wolf hunts. Last month, the [later] set a quota of 75 wolves, with hunting season also scheduled to begin in September. . . .

_Several lawsuits by environmental groups regarding the predators’ removal from protection under the Endangered Species Act are pending, and could block the upcoming hunt. . . .

Northern Idaho Wolf Alliance spokesman Stephen Augustine said, “We fear that under the guise of wolf management, what’s about to happen is a wolf massacre.”