Recently I was having trouble with Pritch sitting on a whistle command (one short blast) at a distance. Pritch was good at sitting when I blew the whistle, but our problem occurred when she was a good distance away from me. In these situations, she would run back to me and then sit. Luckily I had some expert guidance on a simple way to correct the problem. Here’s how we did it:

First I put my longest check cord on Pritch and went to a field with a fence. I looped the cord around a fence post and then backed off (the end of the check cord was still in my hand) until I the dog was at my feet. When I blew the whistle she sat down, and I gave her a treat. Next, I moved farther back from Pritch (lengthening my end of the cord, which shortened the dog’s end) while keeping tension on the leash. I blew the whistle and with no way to run to me Pritch eventually sat. Since I was now at a distance, I just lobbed a treat in her general direction and allowed her to enjoy it. Again I moved farther back and blew the whistle and she sat. After working on this we moved to other drills and started again the following day. After a few days Pritch had it figured out. She knew that one short blast meant to put her fanny down wherever she was in the field.

One problem licked, many more to come.