Discussion Topic: Food Plots Vs. Baiting

This Letter To The Editor is a little dated because it’s been trumped by harder news lately, but I’ve been wanting to post it because it makes an interesting argument that’s still plenty valid and timely with Michigan imposing a bait ban last year and Wisconsin now considering the same. Here it is, from the Wausau Daily Herald:

EDITOR: Is this what deer hunting in Wisconsin has become? _Wealthy landowners plant large plots of food to attract all the deer in an area to their land, while the majority of us hunters and folks who enjoy watching deer can’t place two gallons of deer feed per day on our own property. Food plots and placing feed are both for the same purpose of attracting deer to view or hunt. Placed food is eaten up in a few minutes by deer and then they move on. Food plots however, hold deer on the owner’s property because the food is available 24 hours a day. . . .

It is not fair to allow only wealthy landowners to attract deer.

What to do think. Does the author have a point? Check out the full letter, and tell us your reaction.