As I write this, Idaho’s wolf hunt should go forward today as scheduled, but how long it will last and whether Montana will begin it’s season on September 15 as planned remain unclear, as those decisions are now in the hands of a the same federal judge who canceled last year’s would-be wolf hunt.

Here the latest, from Missoula’s KECI News Channel 13:

Animal rights activists and hunters square off in Missoula’s Federal Court. A packed house listened in as attorneys battle over the upcoming wolf hunt. Idaho’s season is scheduled to start tomorrow and Montana’s in a couple of weeks. But a federal judge’s decision could derail them both. U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy promised he will make a decision soon.

It’s not the first time Molloy’s faced the issue. Last year, he reversed plans for delisting wolves, that ended plans for a 2008 hunt.

And from the Associated Press:

_Wolf hunting will begin in the Northern Rockies as a federal judge weighs a request by environmental and animal welfare groups to stop the predators from being killed. . . .
After a hearing Monday on whether the hunts should be allowed, U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy gave no indication as to how he might rule

_Molloy says he will make a ruling on an injunction requested by opponents of the wolf hunts as quickly as he can.

About 4,000 hunters in Idaho already have bought tags allowing them to kill a wolf.