We’ve posted plenty of pro-wolf-hunting sentiment recently, so to be fair, here’s the other side of the argument, from a wildlife biologist, hunter, and former Montana guide, who asks: “Are Hunter’s Stupid?”

From _New West Travel and Outdoors:

_Wolf killing gives fodder to those who want to stop all hunting. . . . Most people don’t hunt, so the perception of hunting and hunters is key to how society will tolerate and support hunting as a legitimate activity. Yet most hunters seem to take the knee jerk attitude that anyone who objects to any form of hunting or kind of hunting, no matter how barbaric, is either a member of PETA, or just doesn’t “understand” Nature. The truth is that many of those objecting to wolf hunting are neither ignorant of ecology nor members of PETA or any other animal rights organization. . . .

_Of course, some hunters rationalize killing wolves because they suggest the animals “need” to be managed. I hear that all the time, as if somehow the natural world had gone to hell in a hand-basket before Euro Americans arrived just in the nick of time to rescue Nature from imminent collapse. Of course, the “need” to manage wolves is both a self-created and self-justifying excuse to kill animals that most hunters wish would just go away or at least believe should be kept at much lower numbers. . . .

If hunters want to help realize their worst fears–that is fuel opposition to hunting by society–they could find no better way to do this than continue blowing away wolves. But if Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho want to signal to the world that they have entered the 21st Century and no longer hold archaic and outdated ideas about predators . . . [t]he way to do this is to stop the hunting of all predators starting with wolves.

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