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Once again I’ve been amazed at the quality of the information shared by the readers of this blog. The training tip contest generated some fabulous advice for all manner of dog trainers.

Among loads of good info, Skipeterson, cwsartain, and Bravetide suggested persistence and patience were extremely crucial as you travel down gun dog road. I can personally attest to that.

Kelmitch suggested not being afraid to ask questions of the many helpful dog training pros, and GunCrazy74 pointed out that joining a local retriever club was the most helpful thing he’s done.

While Blitz simply stated, “Get an e-collar and learn how to use it.”

The runner up prize was awarded to sanjuancb, who offered this helpful tip: When keeping track of hounds in the woods at night simply attach a glow stick to their collar. It’s also not a bad idea for any dog owner who is airing out their pooch in unfamiliar, unlit areas, such as on a hunting trip at night.

But the winner is Del from KS. He trained his German Shorthaired Pointer, Jill, to sit whenever she approaches a road. To do so, he started working her on a dead end street without any traffic. He had her sit on the leash whenever they approached the road and made her stay until he said come. Now when off leash and approaching a street before Del she’ll sit and wait. The benefits are obvious. As Del says, “If your dog gets hit by a car then all else is moot.”

No matter if you have a couch warmer canine or a turbo charged hunting dog, that’s advice that can go a very long way.

Congrats to the winners. Send your mailing address to, and I’ll load up the goods and ship them your way.