Big Game Hunting photo

Yesterday we posted a story about 23-year-old Florida woman Arianne Prevost, who bagged an 11-foot, 450-pound gator with a crossbow (you can see more pics here). It was her first notable kill of any kind. Now, a 16-year-old South Carolina cheerleader has shot a 10-foot, 350-pounder–also with a crossbow and also her first gator.

Here’s the story and video from

_A local cheerleader spent part of her weekend on a boat hunting of all things, alligators and she came back with a big one. . . .

Cammie Colin, 16, . . . [along with family and friends] used a fishing pole to both lure the gator and drag him close to their boat. . . . She then used a crossbow to shoot the gator.