In my opinion you’d be hard pressed to find a smarter canine than a well-bred gun dog. (Though sheep dogs are a pretty intelligent and impressive bunch.) And when it comes to Pritch, well, I think she’s pretty much a whiz kid. So I when I stumbled upon a dog IQ test recently I decided to give her the exam.

To be honest, the individual tests seemed like a joke. One involved loosely wrapping a towel around your dog’s head and timing how long it takes for it to free herself. Really? Pritch was out in about 2 seconds flat…and on to chewing the towel before could I grab it. Apparently some dogs can take up to 30 seconds to accomplish this…

For the next test, I lined up three cups and let Pritch watch as I put a treat under cup number 2. I then turned her around, counted to three, and then let her go find the treat. She hesitated for a second, took a sniff, and went right for number 2. (I’ll admit that she nosed the cup across the entire kitchen floor before she flipped it over.)

Other tests involved rearranging the furniture to see if your dog could still find her favorite spot. (Sorry, don’t have that much time on my hands.) And another required that you place a treat under a low piece of furniture to see if the dog would figure out to use its paw to swipe the treat. (Here is where MLH’s Newfie would just knock the chair over and eat the treat.)

If you want to check out the entire test click here. I’m guessing your gun dog will ace it. Have fun and report back.

Pritch and I have a field trial next month. I’ll consider that our true test.