Besides the occasional “landmine” left by a young puppy, one of the few tell-tale signs that a well-trained dog lives in your house is dog hair…everywhere. When Pritch was young we thought it was cute to sit on the couch with her. But as she grew it became a challenge to snag my favorite seat before she had stretched out and zonked in it. These days we’ve trained Pritch to use her dog bed and understand that the furniture is off limits, but dog hair still seems to find its way just about everywhere.

We tried battling it at first with a strip of duct tape wrapped around our hand, sticky-side out, but that only goes so far. Our vacuum was of no use. I do hear good things about the Dyson Animal Vacuum for pet hair. But I’m a writer, so I don’t have $550 to spend on a pet vacuum. Of course, you can always use a lint brush. And some swear by simply wetting a yellow kitchen glove and running your hand across the furniture.

Recently my wife picked up a Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair. I laughed when I saw it, but the thing worked like a charm. Simply run it back and forth with short strokes over the couch, dog bed, etc. and the hair gets deposited in the plastic reservoir. There’s only one downside–when it fills up there’s no way to empty it. You’re supposed to buy another one. But here’s a tip: use your pocket knife to create a small “window” in the clear plastic lid and remove dog hair. Don’t tell Pledge I told you.

Anyone else have any products or tips for dealing with dog hair? Ever use the Furminator? Seems that product has a cult following.