This weekend, the nation celebrates our long-cherished pursuits of hunting and fishing, the bounty of our land’s wildlife resources, and the central role sportsmen have played in conservation–and we rededicate ourselves to building a strong future for tomorrow’s sportsmen.

This year’s honorary chairman of National Hunting and Fishing Day is country music’s rising star Luke Bryan, who joins an select group of men to take on the role, including Terry Bradshaw, Arnold Palmer, George Bush, and Jeff Foxworthy.

“I feel very proud to be a part of this,” said Bryan. “I’m looking forward to the coming year. I hope to help grow awareness of what hunters and anglers do for conservation, and just promote hunting and fishing overall. It’s so important for young people to get involved in the outdoors. I couldn’t imagine my life and career without the time that I’ve spent hunting and fishing.”

Thousands of hunting- and fishing-related events are planned all around the country to celebrate the occasion. This weekend I’m going to do a little hunting myself (as it’s our bow opener) but I’m also to take a newcomer fishing. What are you going to do to celebrate National Hunting and Fishing Day?

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