Editor’s Note: Check out the full story of this huge buck in our photo gallery.

It’s impossible to ignore the whitetail rut, but here is yet another reason to focus on early season when you know there’s a monster buck in the area. I don’t know much detail about this buck, other than it was shot in southeastern Kansas by a young man named Parker Madl and the green non-typical score is rumored to be in the 230″ neighborhood. That’s a very good neighborhood indeed!


Awesome buck, Parker!

I assume that many readers of this blog are hard at it right now, so I’m curious about your approach to early season hunting. Are you hunting a specific buck you’ve located through scouting and observation? Or do you focus on good food sources and just count on a nice buck showing up to join the chow line? Other early season tactics that folks might benefit from? Anxious to hear your thoughts!