During the course of looking for salient blog topics I come across a lot of websites that – to paraphrase Hank Hill – “just ‘aint right.”

One such example is this little gem.

Billed as the source for “the latest in green gossip” ecorazzi is in truth a screamingly funny window into the self-congratulatory netherworld of environmental style over substance. The site’s writing is atrocious, trying mightily to be snarky and witty but instead coming off as juvenile, dull, and containing the intellectual substance of your average junior-high cafeteria.

So in short, it’s like most other allegedly “green” fare you see online, the kind of thing you occasionally read to amuse yourself and to keep abreast of what the alien life forms known as “green celebrities” are thinking and doing, but not something worth getting all worked up about.

So I was perusing the ecorazzi website this morning (Hey, I do it so you don’t have to…) and I noticed something so sublimely funny that I immediately thought “this has got to be a joke.”

It wasn’t a story that caught my eye, but the placement of an advertisement in relation to a story.

Right next to a headline that read (no joke) “Yoko Ono Will Be Pleased: Bentley May Consider Going Hybrid” is a big-a** banner ad that screams “Chevy Truck Month! Full-Size Deals On Full-Size Trucks!”

Oh, the irony that ensues at the intersection of ethics and ad revenue…