I’ve heard it said that a good duck dog at work is poetry in motion. Well, let’s see how many duck dog owners know poetry. Our contest is simple. Give us your best Haiku involving a duck dog–past or present, real or fictional. The winner will receive an Echo Prime Meat Call worth a whopping $140 and seen in the pages of Field & Stream.


Wondering if a Haiku is a poem or an order at a sushi bar? Here’s a primer. A Haiku is a three-line poem that doesn’t have to rhyme. The only rule is that the first line has five syllables, the second line has seven syllables, and third line has five syllables. Other than that, you’re free to express yourself any way you wish. The poem can be from your point of view or the dog’s or even the duck’s.

To kick things off, here’s a little verse I made up about Pritch in honor of the contest:

Our first duck season
Is fast approaching, Lord help
It should be a sight

And here’s one my wife, Jenny, wrote to help inspire you:

Don’t worry, even
Though I do spoil pup she will
Still retrieve that duck

The contest begins today and will end next Thursday (10/29/09) at midnight. I’ll announce the winners on Friday (10/30/09). Just write your Haiku in the comments section below (one per reader).

Have fun with it. And good luck!

PS–The gun dog photo contest is still ongoing. Click here to learn how to win the Remington shotgun.