This headline in North Carolina’s Salisbury Post caught my eye: “A Good Crop of Acorns, Good Time for Deer Hunting.” There’s definitely a bumper crop of acorns here in upstate New York, too. I can hardly take a step in our woods without rolling on dozens of nuts. The article continues:

Oak trees produced a bumper crop of acorns this year, with deer taking full advantage of the falling goodies. For the next several weeks, the place for a stand should be close to a white oak or other tree dropping acorns.

Where I hunt that could be any of several hundred trees right now. Of course, it depends on the specifics of the property you hunt, but for me, a bumper acorn crop only makes it tougher to pattern and kill deer, especially when bucks don’t have to move far from their beds to start munching nuts.

Are you rolling on acorns, too? Do you think it makes for better or worse hunting?