Discussion Topic: On Baiting For The Camera

From the Alaska Dispatch:

_An Alaskan photographer has been charged with illegally baiting bears for an episode of the History Channel show “MonsterQuest.”

_According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Jim Oltersdorf hung bait on strings over a large scale — in violation of federal wildlife law — and set up motion-activated cameras to photograph bears that came to the bait station.

_Oltersdorf’s attorney Brent Cole argues that his client’s violations are no big deal, saying “It is hard for me to imagine that they don’t have anything better to do in our park service than to run down something like this.”

What do you think? Is it a big deal? Should film crews and photographers be allowed to bait wildlife? Is the park service being overzealous? Does this make you any less apt to watch “MonsterQuest” on the History Channel?

Check out the full story and weigh in.