If you are hoping to draw a big buck to your stand with a urine-based lure, you better do it fast, before your favorite doe-in-estrous or dominant-buck scent disappears from the local outdoor-store shelf.

Chronic Wasting Disease is carried by altered proteins, called prions, that are spread directly from deer to deer through saliva and other bodily fluids, as well as by food grown in soil contaminated with the feces and urine of infected deer. As deer and elk farms have been the hotbeds of infected deer, state officials have grown increasingly concerned that the commercial deer urine produced at such farm could be spreading the disease.

Saskatchewan has already banned urine-based lures and nine states are now considering a ban.

From the Allentown Morning Call:

_[Pennsylvania Game Commission] president Gregory J. Isabella of Philadelphia, who represents the Southeast Region, said that he is an archery hunter who has used deer urine in the past, but will stop using it immediately.

[State Wildlife Veterinarian Walt] Cottrell said he would recommend and support an immediate ban. . . .

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