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Earlier this week, Chad Love blogged about a 6-Year-Old Cub Scout who was suspended from school for bringing a folding camping utensil to the cafeteria to eat his lunch. If you missed it, click here. This time it’s an Eagle Scout and a 2-inch knife that never left his car.

From Albany, New York’s WTEN News:

_There’s a reason 17-year-old Matthew Whalen is smiling after all the attention his suspension is getting.

_The military academy he’s wanted to attend since first grade has told Matthew not to worry.

_”The Director of Admissions at West Point called and told me that this would be a non-issue for my application there,” Matthew says. . . .

_He’s an Eagle Scout and a National Guard soldier who was given 20 days suspension for having a pocket knife with a two-inch blade locked in his car in the school parking lot. . . .

A Lansingburgh parent, who says she’s on a leadership committee for the district, says rules have to be enforced, regardless of who might be at fault. . . . She describes Matthew as “a great citizen with an exceptional reputation,” but she says no one is immune from the rules.

Check out the full story and tell us your reaction.