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We all know there isn’t much love lost between hunters and anti-hunters, but nobody wishes anybody any real harm–except when some crazy anti-hunter does wish us real harm and a newspaper has the poor taste to print his wish. Then it’s the hunters, in this case the National Shooting Sports Foundation, who take the high ground.

From the NSSF website:
Shameful is the word that comes to mind for the Burlington Free Press and its decision to print a reader’s anti-hunting letter. . . . that was written in response to the Vermont paper’s story about the opening of moose hunting season. . . .

Here’s the letter:
Take a Few Hunters Along with the Moose
On this beautiful day we learn that about 1,251 hunters are taking to the woods with legal permits to “pursue prized quarry.” Certainly the members of various humane organizations do not approve. I suggest that before the next annual killing season, other residents be awarded legal permits to kill hunters who will be out to kill these beautiful, non-destructive animals. Or the government could just rule out all this primitive killing.

The NSSF asked for an apology and got one, as well an Op-ed from Wayne LaRoche, commissioner of the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department.