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From the News & Observer:

_The Old Well, a campus landmark and symbol of UNC-Chapel Hill, appears on neckties, jewelry and other products, but a Colorado company’s plans to put it on the stock of a rifle has raised concerns.

_Historical Armory, a small company based in Fort Collins, Colo., is advertising a “Historic Orange County” special edition of a .22-caliber rifle. The stock is engraved with images, including the state flag, the American flag, the Confederate flag, a deer, a cannon and the Old Well.

_Carrboro Mayor Mark Chilton, a 1993 UNC-CH graduate, said placing a university symbol on a gun is not appropriate, especially in light of cases of violence on or near college campuses around the country. Chilton was living in Chapel Hill when law student Wendell Williamson shot and killed two people and injured two others in 1995.

“It sends the wrong message to the public to see university symbols used in that way,” said Chilton. . . .

What do you say?