The highly contested duck dog haiku contest ended this morning at 12:00 a.m. We nearly topped 100 entries. (For the record, if you posted more than one entry, only your first haiku was considered–the rules stated one per reader.) So without much further ado, let’s get on with it.

There were a few themes that rose to the surface, one of which was cold water, dogs, and extreme conditions. Our favorite of those was by Shane:

Back to the water

I never knew what cold was

When can I eat one?

Another story line was the camaraderie of duck hunter and dog in a blind. One that caught our attention was written by bdarak:

Rising up early

Fog lifting off the water

My best friend and I

One that made us laugh out loud, and in doing so took second place, referenced the noxious power of gun dog flatulence. Impressive work, bjohnston.

My sons beside me

In the early morning cold

Dog farts gagging us

But in the end, the winner, wilksey88, reminded us that without the dog we duck hunters aren’t much.

My handler is great

But he and the ducks would be

Lost with no gun dog

So, wilksey88 send an e-mail with your mailing info. We’ll ship the Echo Duck Call from the Field & Stream New York office. Hope you call in the ducks and drop some for your dog.

To everyone else, appreciate your participation. And don’t worry, there will not be a sonnet contest.