Deer Hunting photo

From an AP story via Fox News:
Karl Wolfe had a half day to hunt for blacktail deer, but the outing ended just 15 minutes after he left his truck.

Hiking in darkness and a steady rain up a steep Sitka slope, Wolfe was attacked Sunday morning by a grizzly bear, which chomped down on his arm and knocked him to the ground. …

Wolfe swung his rifle around and hit the bear with the butt end. The animal turned away for a moment but still had its ears back, Wolfe said.

“It didn’t go away, it was regrouping,” he told the Sentinel. “It swung around and was coming at me aggressively.”

Wolfe chambered a round into his rifle and fired from hip at close range. He said he didn’t know if he hit the bear, but he didn’t wait to find out.

“I knew I was bleeding a little, and I knew I needed to get out of the woods,” Wolfe said.
He said he reached his truck and drove to the Sitka hospital.

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