Whitetail Hunting photo

I’ll start with a confession; I have watched very little outdoor television. That’s partly design, but mostly accident. When we moved into our current home our twins were just babies; when Shari and I weren’t too darn busy tending kids, we were just too tired to tune in. So we put off ordering cable or satellite, and our rabbit ears pick up nothing but local stations, and poorly (we live in the country). By the time we had baby-raising under control (assuming that’s possible) we realized we didn’t miss television much and just never got back to it. We’ve got a tv, but it’s little more than a movie-watching tool


But I realize there’s an abundance of outdoor shows on the tube these days, and if they’re anything like the hunting DVD’s I do watch (and often enjoy), they’re fairly similar. The star of the show (and/or team members) go on hunts that are usually successful, and we appreciate their expertise at finding deer and shooting them.

The other day a friend sent me a link to a different kind of outdoor TV. The show is titled “Jimmy Big Time” and it is a tongue-in-cheek peek at an outdoor anti-hero; a relatively clueless dolt who spooks game, mangles equipment and generally makes a fool of himself. Definitely not the typical approach to the genre.

Take a look at the attached clips and share your critique. Though I’ve not watched an entire episode–for obvious reasons–I found the clips available on the website pretty amusing. What are your thoughts? Have you already tuned in to “Jimmy Big Time”? If not, does this sample motivate you to do so?