Every year, thousands of Oregon sportsmen apply for just a dozen mountain goat tags. Old enough to apply for big-game permits for the first time, 12-year-old Matea Huggins drew the rare tag and filled it with a great goat.

From the Baker City Herald:

_”We should have bought Matea a lottery ticket too,” [her father] said. “We could have been rich and had a nice goat. . . .”

_”We were all absolutely shocked,” Laura Huggins said. “The only tag she drew, and it was for a once-in-a-lifetime hunt.”
[And she took a once-in-a-lifetime billy.]

Although the goat’s pair of sharp black horns can’t be officially scored until 60 days after the hunt (to allow the horns to dry), an unofficial “green” score of 52 ranks Matea’s billy third in Oregon’s record book, Laura Huggins said.