Yet another reason for a NJ bear hunt, from the New Jersey Herald:
When she heard a different kind of sound coming from the llama pens that night, Lynn Gannon knew something was wrong

“I grabbed the flashlight and went out. It was a kind of scream I had never heard before. Then I saw it. A bear was tearing at Lily[, one of the llamas],” she said. . . .

“The bear. . . ripped her open,” Gannon said of the wounds, and the veterinarian euthanized the llama. . . .

As Gannon and her husband were standing over the animal . . . the bruin returned.

“He was right about here,” Gannon said as she stood in the pasture Tuesday afternoon, reliving that night. “We yelled, waved our arms, but he didn’t run off. He just kind of walked away, not afraid of us at all.”