There are wildlife photographers and then there are National Geographic wildlife photographers. Even in today’s real-time, caught-on-tape video-dominated culture the photographers of NG just keep capturing still images and stories with the power to awe. Images and stories like this

Besides highlighting the exceptional clankers one needs to be a NG photographer, it shows – in dramatic fashion – how little we really know about animal behavior: how they process information, what they feel, how they think, what emotions they are or aren’t capable of.
Hunters and wildlife photographers both spend large amounts of time hidden or undetected while observing the natural world around them, and I’m sure we’ve all watched animals do things or act in ways that challenged our fundamental assumptions, what we thought we knew about those animals.

Granted, it might not be as amazing (and amazingly terrifying) as having a monstrous-big leopard seal try to adopt you, but have you ever witnessed something that made you think “What the hell?”