Duck Hunting photo

From the Great Falls Tribune:
Rock musician Huey Lewis and several of his Stevensville-area neighbors are feeding ducks along a slough that runs through their property, effectively closing the area to duck hunting.

It’s the latest twist in the story of [Mitchell] slough, which the Montana Supreme Court has ruled a public waterway, subjecting it to the state’s stream access laws. . . .
“I’m feeding ducks all over my place. . .,” Lewis said. “The reason is the Supreme Court decision has changed everything here, and now we have public access. And most of us believe the Mitchell is unsuitable for duck hunting. . . .”

It is legal to feed game birds and waterfowl, but it is not legal to hunt in an area where such birds are baited.

Fish, Wildlife and Parks warden captain Jeff Darrah said the agency was aware of Lewis’ feeders.

“Federal law says you can’t hunt a field that’s been baited,” Darrah said. “That’s his way of saying you can’t hunt here.”

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