Hunting Dogs photo

Not too long ago I asked if any of you would immortalize your gun dog in the form of a tattoo. The response was a unanimous…HECK NO! In fact, a few of you wondered if I had been sipping too much of the homemade hooch.

But everywhere I look these days dog art (not body art) seems to be gaining a foothold. Just down the street from my house here in Charleston, S.C. is a popular gallery called Dog & Horse. You can get everything from an oil portrait of your gun dog to a genuine statue of your pooch that might require a front-end loader to move. But let me say straight up, there’s no way I’m forking over that kind of dough–often thousands of dollars–for a painting of Pritchard.

I’ve got plenty of pride in my dog, but I prefer the more subtle approach. Maybe a bumper sticker on the truck (I’m fond of the one that reads “My Boykin Spaniel Is Smarter Than Your Honor Student.”). And I’ve always liked the idea of Boykin boot cleaner, like the one with the pointer in the above photo.

How about you? Would you commission a painting or statue of your gun dog? Do you have Labradors or GSP’s on your doormats, couch pillows, throw blankets, and boxers?

Or is a crate in the back of your truck all you need to display your pride?