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Recently, the dog folk in the normally quiet town of Charleston, South Carolina have gotten wrapped up in a canine horror story. According to the Post and Courier, these are the details:
After running over a dog on a rural road in McClellanville on Thursday morning, the driver of a pickup truck tried to “put the dog out of its misery” by whacking the animal with a machete and a hammer, authorities said.

__The dog’s owner heard the dog’s plaintive yelping and ran out of his house, grabbed the machete and hammer and started waling away with the hammer, attacking the man who had been attacking his dog.

The driver was hospitalized with a skull fracture. The dog’s owner is in jail, accused of trying to kill the driver. The dog, whose name is “Dingo,” was hanging on for his life Thursday night._

Since the incident (which occurred in late October), animal cruelty charges are pending on the driver, and the dog has been put down. Relatives of the driver say he’s an animal lover. The dog’s owner found the pup as a stray and has been caring for it for the past year. In the Post and Courier the Charleston Magistrate probably summed the situation up best, “I think we’ve got some good people here with a lot of overreaction.”

Obviously, the easy lesson here is don’t let your dog wander, especially near roads. But the larger question is this: If you walked out of your house and saw someone attacking your dog, what would you do?