Looks like the U.S. military needs to expand its recruiting efforts…

From the story: [Muslim Insurgents Mauled to Death by Bear After Hiding Out in Its Den](/node/add/Muslim insurgents mauled to death by bear after mistakenly hiding out in its den)
_Two armed Muslim insurgents picked the wrong cave to hide out in after they were both killed by a bear. The men were carrying AK-47 assault rifles as they sought refuge in Indian administered Kashmir, but were taken by surprise by the giant carnivore. Two other militants were also injured by the Himalayan black bear, but managed to escape and make their way to a village near Srinagar.

Colonel Brar, Srinagar defence spokesman, said: ‘Both bodies were mauled badly by some wild animal, and apparently by a bear, as the area is inhabited by Himalayan black bear. “The attack seems to have been so violent that both the militants got no chance to fire back at the wild animal.” A joint team of police and soldiers recovered the two bodies, as well as Kalashnikov assault rifles and some ammunition._